Can we learn anything from the Eagle

I have on so many occasions read about the eagle bird, the bird with the longest life span in all the bird species. Many have written about this awesome creature, and I always used to wonder why America, considered the most powerful nation has got it on her emblem. This great bird has an amazing life which all of us can pick a leaf from, from its strong and outstanding characteristics to its way of survival is all amazing. One has to read and keep reading and then the appreciation of this  will be inevitable.

eagle's way

In our lives either as entrepreneurs or employees, we can in one way or many relate to the eagle for example eagles way of training their younger ones relates to us being mentored which i think all us should do: either mentor someone or have a mentor. As the eagle soars highest in the skies so should we in all we do make the sky out limit-exploit all our potentials maximally. Lets keep learning, unlearning and re-learning.

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