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When does life get to remind of you of t
March 22, 2011

When does life get to remind of you of the opportunities you let go that would be a success story today?


Life in Kampala
March 17, 2011

Kampala is such a lovely city that brings together all sorts of confusion in planning of the city is concerned. I started with the negative but the positives in Kampala just outweigh the former. until start of this week the city has been experiencing one of the worst dry seasons far from the known notion of the city receiving raining throughout the year. Back to the brighter side, people in my city are so friendly ready and most time willing to offer a helping hand however with something 4 something in their minds at times.

Tuesday 15 the clouds opened and they smiled at my city and uhhhmmm! the “sweetest” in Kampala is whenever it rains. Getting home becomes a story to tell the next day as everyone switches their mind to their “home sweet home”. The matatus the common means of transport in my city, become a coveted Jewell this being the case anyone who wants to make some quick backs as long as he has any means of fast transport joins the race for the “gold.” The numbers going home usually out numbers the matatus and on this rainy cold evening I patiently and hopefully waited at the matatu (bus) stop and having rained and the waited having gone on for close to 30 minutes, my hope started dwindling. Before i could decide on what i was planning there came a private van not the matatu this was my savior for the evening I hopped in the co-driver’s sit. A few minutes of driving my eyes landed on this notice that read:


I read this and I came to love my city more though at same time I was thinking I am a private passenger? I am I going to be rewarded? To be continued…